1. It's very easy to stand there and criticize, hindsight is 20/20 after all. This is something we've never seen the likes of in our lifetime.
    If you were in Prime Minister Trudeau's shoes I sincerely doubt you would have done any better seeing as your party is so fond of health care cut backs and it has been whittling away at our healthcare system which is why it's practically in the bare-bones state that it is.
    Let us also remember how fond your party is of cutbacks to education, libraries, community centers and generally anything geared towards a higher standard of living for Canadians, all while espousing Family Values , stimulating the economy and creating jobs.
    but if we look at the conservative track record, your party's performance shows that it's values have nothing to do with the well-being of the citizens of Canada. Mulrooney provided for us the first Swift and cruel blow to the demise of the standard of living of Canadians.
    Your party cares very little for the citizens of Canada, it only looks to line their pockets and those of their friends with our tax dollars.

  2. This isn’t even a legitimate party leader, how does he feel he has any right to talk any more! Shame full. Why are all most of the people in government shills?

  3. Gangster rap is on par with religion$ causing domestic terrorism that resulted in the deadly pandemic to spread in rapid fire succession. A sociopathic delusional priest in louisiana that 2 days ago tried to mow someone down on a sidewalk with a church bus, ended up making bail from jail! Then after release from jail, he was acting as if it was cool to him to want to try to get masses of people to gather in groups yet again!! The person he tried to run over with that culty bus was someone who was telling him to not defy the pandemic safety concerns!

    The media providers really should be telling their audiences that bullets bombs bonesaws 9/11 hijacked planes and pandemics dont really produce any afterlives. Please help make the world a safer and much less corrupted place for ALL.
    I know you can read this, even if you chose to shadowban my initial comment that i reposted to two other viewers, even though you might've shadowbanned those 2 reprints too?
    Guess i'll have to have a checksee on that now wont i? hmm..

  4. Shadowbanning huh? I know you can read this, even after noticing just now that whomever you are at the toronto star is shadowbanning very caring peaceful nonviolent atheists.
    This page will also be copied as was the previous one before i was shadowbanned, and will find itself in use during a documentary about how politics keeps being corrupted via forms of collusion. Have a nice day, sort've.


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