Pilot Francisco Sarabia was flying over a patch of desert land in Mexico when his instruments started to act increasingly odd. His radio equipment was failing too.




  1. There is a dangerous place on earth called “the south Atlantic anomaly”. It’s the magnetic field’s weak point and it’s near the eastern coast of South America.

  2. Something I wanna ask happens with everyone when we put something in a place come back find it in other place does that has an explanation?

  3. Ice age 5 anyone? 😅 Must be a hidden asteroid that has strong magnetic force and make anyone near stay young 😂😂

  4. I think there are people somewhere deep in there as well in bermuda triangle. They have something high technology or may be some outspace gadgets or super natural powers to be hidden.
    They are 👽 aliens

  5. Another zone is the densely forested boarderland between China's Yunnan Province and Burma's Kachin State where sightings of primitive, Neanthethal-like people are frequently reported.

  6. There are others stories that say that what actually happened is that the US purposely launched a rocket to that place as an excuse to steal uranium and these legends are just myths to distract people from real facts.

  7. we have a mysterious place on our country in the philippines, a subdivision could not be purchased by a buyer, because there is a japanese tunnel that no one could explain what is in there


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