We’ve heard the miraculous accounts from survivors of Titanic, painting a vivid picture of that harrowing night. They’ve all given us their unique personal …





  1. I thought his mom buy only 2 ticket,for herself and her son.her son buy one for his girlfriend.why did his sister come form?🤔🤔🤔

  2. There is still someone alive from the titanic! When she was on the titanic she was only 2 months. She was I mean alive, she is now 97 but she died cause of a condition I think? Yea but bye

  3. This story doesn't even make sense… If she wanted them to believe she was on the Titanic, all she had to do is to provide the photographs she had supposedly had in her possession, and that would have ended the confusion.   The fact that she left her jewelry, and wanted to go back for it, but was not allowed, was an indication that she got on the lifeboat with nothing but the clothes she was wearing, so where then did all those photo's of her come from, if they sank with the Titanic?!

  4. Hey there, BrightSiders! What would be your first thought, if you found out that the ship you were about to board was named ‘Titanic’?


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