Social media mentions of restaurant delivery services jumps 1,700%

Over the past month, restaurant delivery services are seeing huge increases in mentions on social media as people stuck at home look to safely source meals, coupled with restaurants seeking a way to build a financial bridge during the COVID-19 pandemic.

International social media analytics firm, Talkwalker reports that all of the big players in this space have had more than 1,700 percent more mentions in a one-month period of time.
“Interestingly, mentions continue to increase in volume but also show spikes,” says Todd Grossman, CEO

Americas for Talkwalker. “While there are generally more mentions of these delivery services overall, there are also peak days as people react to the news of the day, whether that is a national headline or reaction to a new brand policy.”

The top themes appearing across social media include new pandemic-specific terms and practices that most customers didn’t know they would be demanding only a month ago, such as contactless delivery or sanitizing deliveries. While getting a delivery slot is largely trending related to grocery deliveries, it is also a top theme for restaurant deliveries, making up nearly 62% of the total conversation, Talkwalker reported. In addition, almost 23% of the conversation includes customers discussing contactless delivery, the idea that fewer contact points gives less opportunity for germs to spread.

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