1. Small business, even large business may have to rethink and hire a delivery person for local deliveries, freeing up Canada post to handle long distance deliveries.

  2. I had a package that I paid express service from Windsor to Toronto on March 15. It sat in Windsor for three weeks before it even left, it didn't get to Toronto until the second week of April. Canada Post is a loser , has been for years. Way to expensive to ship anything and most of the clerk's are rude.

  3. How about stories on families destroyed financially by this lockdown. No one asked the public if they were willing to lose their job over a flu virus. CBC fear mongers. Emergencies wards are empty. How many people died from not having "elective surgeries"?

  4. It's not hard if you know how to do it well. You package an order 1 by one you have premessured box's to ship stuff in put it on a scale get the weight type it into a computer copy and paste the customers info to ship to then add their email to Canada Post online so they can get an email from Canada Post tracking the shipment for them. You save 2 percent more doing it that way. Then you can have Canada Post pick the packages up at your store saving 1 day in shipping instead of going to the post office they just scan them in since you printed the label and your done. Very easy to use the online system with a venture one card you can save 7 percent on shipping that way. Doesn't take long just do it 1 order at a time. I found it easy and did 1000s of packages that way

  5. Small gripe my end, it would help if CP adopted the same size boxes as the USPS as well as the same process to get them. If you are a shipper get as many of whatever size you want/need free and pay when they actually get sent. CP the boxes all different (than USPS) and you have to pay for the actual box up front plus their limits (weight) are different too, quite a bit less in many examples. Just saying, they already have to handle all the USPS items coming to Canada so its not actually the size or weight that is the issue.

  6. If you Isolate 100 people together, they do not need to distance, assuming they isolate for the long term. Recommend a 14 day prescreening before entering group isolation environments. You House, Feed, etc. Group Isolation is MORE EFFECTIVE then Individual distancing. However this requires full isolation from the general population. The problem is incentivizing people to partake in such a venture.

  7. Apr. 15
    3:13 pm

    Shipment picked up by Canada Post

    Mississauga, ON

    Apr. 24
    12:57 pm

    Shipment received at originating postal facility

    Mississauga, ON

    Just sayin'…

  8. Welcome to the reality of Ebay sellers for 10+ years. Tracking and info at CanPost is expensive and prohibitive overseas for sellers. Claims for lost tracked packages can take up to 6 months as well.

  9. I could have had a job the other week at the hospital , I volunteer there. till they shut us out . They sent out job offers for paid positions for work I use too do for free .
    I'm retired ,, No chance in hell I'll give Trudeau another nickel in taxes

  10. Canada Post is a disaster! Not enough staff. Politicians need to step in and sort this out. CP Tracking is terrible at best. I have over a dozen packages that say they're in the system but aren't being updated. I've told vendors not to sent me orders with CP.

  11. I have been ordering online and despite everything, shipping has been great. Most websites say shipping will be delayed and I have not had any packages go missing yet. Tracking works perfectly! Thank you Canada Post, Purolator, FedEx! BTW, expensive packages should get basic insurance!
    People to need to check their expectations!


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