Stop Charging Your Phone at Night, Here's Why

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It’s a basic thing – you want your phone fully charged in the morning so it’ll last through the entire day. And even with cutting-edge smartphones that can charge …


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  1. So when I charge my phone I have to sit there and wait for it to get to 100% then unplug it when it does or my phone will explode, did I translate that correctly?

  2. I use my phone at night staying up sometimes so why can’t I charge it at night when I’ll be using it sometimes??? Oh and why can I charge it at night if I have a song running to help me fall asleep? It’s gonna drain the battery if I don’t charge it 🙁 poor me 🥺 I’m just a kid that can’t fall asleep without a song on…

  3. Here’s why: when it over charges it will make your phone burst, their is a switch that when ur phone is full, it will stop charging. Or it might be raining.

  4. 6:20 : our phone s could charge over voice
    ME:how about a phone which doesnt require charging🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️😍😍

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