Canadian music icon and Nova Scotia native Anne Murray paid tribute to the victims of the tragic shooting in the province. Murray also paid tribute to the healthcare and…





  1. This can't even be qualified as a shooting. It's ARSON. There are many houses burned to the ground. Guns don't do that.

    I would like to invite you to examine the pictures of the crime scenes in Nova Scotia.

    There are many burned residences and vehicles.

    This kind of damage can only be done with molotov cocktails and explosives.

    The police response was pathetic and took all night.

    Most victims died by smoke inhalation and by the flames, not by gunfire. He put many houses in flames impersonating an RCMP officer.

    Only an armed citizen could have stopped him quickly.

    They are using a false narrative to take our rights away.

  2. Hey Anne. If you care…. can you tell us why officers shot at a fire hall filled with people, then said it was the gunman, then a video surfaced of the gunman nowhere near it, which was removed by the rcmp? Can you explain why there was no alert? Can you please ask Global to actually cover that instead of soaking this memorial for views. Thanks Ann. Loved your first 30 albums. You fell off lately tho. I was surprised to see you're still kicking. Godspeed

  3. What a beautiful tribute in a time of complete uncertainty and tribulation…thank you so much for caring and going above and beyond! You all make the world a better place to be! 💗

  4. We love Nova Scotia from our visits and because it’s my wife’s ancestral homeland. We grieve for the victims of that horrible event. ❤️❤️


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