1. I'm glad that Ryan is harnessing his talents and fame to direct people's attention to important causes like food banks while at the same time donating to various charities and organizations in Canada and the US. A stark contrast to various tone deaf cleberities filming themselves singing stupid songs in their million dollar mansions.

  2. It's so nice to see money being raised for agencies & families in need, & for our frontlines who haven't had much off time from the horrific things they're seeing. ❤️🙂💙🙏🏻💜 Love & Prayers to all! We can get through this!

  3. The only thing that makes you feel powerful is my powerlessness, because capitalism has burned a hole through the place where a self should be.
    Hence, ignorance parading itself as enlightenment. It’s the defining mood, phenomenon, way of the times we live in. Perhaps you and I, though, should be wiser than those who proudly, boastfully devote themselves to this. People under predatory capitalism are always trying to earn their missing selfhood back by preying on others, so that they’re the only ones who are loved, needed, desired, in all the world. Well….

  4. Our Nation has lost its Roots, its sad but true. Perpetual Fear mongering, constant division among us, lack of Love & Empathy We as people have forgotten the fundamentals of Life.

  5. Wish I could find this. But we’re so backwards in Canada. In Toronto. Can watch everything from the USA. But not this feed. We’re such losers

  6. We certainly do need to take care of each other. I can guarantee you that even your political polar opposite at the street level will run to your aid sooner than any politician. They wouldn't take the express elevator down to our level from their ivory towers to leak on us if we were on fire.


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