A teenage tryst led to an arrest in Pennsylvania when an alleged plot to kill the girl’s stepdad was uncovered, according to a report.

The stepdad, PennLive says, caught the amorous couple sleeping together last Thursday.

Dillian Mikel Weaver, 19, of Williamsport, and Angelina Grace Peluso, 16, of Trout Run, were arrested Friday, accused of trying to have Howard Blackburn killed.

Upset over Blackburn’s reaction to catching them in bed, Peluso allegedly lied to Weaver over Snapchat, claiming her stepfather sexually assaulted her, according to arrest affidavits obtained by the news site.

An angry Weaver then reached out to another woman on Snapchat about wanting to have Blackburn killed.

“Just gotta take his body and dispose of him somewhere. So he’s never heard from…or found,” Weaver wrote.

The woman told Weaver about a potential hitman. Weaver then contacted the man and told him his plan, the report said.

“I just need him gone and no questions asked yk?” the affidavits allege Weaver told the man.

The man, though, later contacted police, saying he thought the plot was a joke.

On Sept. 5, 2018 Peluso was listed on a Facebook page as missing, with the post saying it wasn’t the first time she ran away.

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