Vanity — one can argue stupidity — got the better of a Texas mayor who openly defied her own stay-at-home edict when she told a nail salon to open its doors in the midst of COVID-19.

Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames did apologize, but only after she got caught in the act, according to 12NewsNow.

The mayor’s violation resulted in a cascade of complaints, prompting an investigation by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

Ames offered a “heartfelt apology” for what she cited as a “lapse in judgment.”

The mayor, who said she was wearing a mask, added she was in and out of the salon in 10 minutes, and that the owner was the only person in the establishment.

Ames required acetone to remove an old manicure and did not get her nails redone, according to 12NewsNow.

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