The outbreak caused by coronavirus continues in Canada. There were 27,063 thousand cases and 903 deaths in the country. 450 thousand tests were made. There was a mask debate between Canada and the USA. He came to Canada from four plane-filled N95 masks, medical masks. 820 thousand masks were sent last week. Newly arrived masks are distributed to states, regions, every need.

Test kits will increase

Canadian Prime Minister stated that there will be more tests. He explained that the number of tests, which was 450 thousand, would increase more.

Restaurant controls will increase

The government has allocated $ 130 million for Northern Canada.

An additional $ 20 million budget has been set aside for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Because it was emphasized that food control was important in this period. For this reason, inspectors will be hired.

Good news for those who cannot benefit from CERB

Trudeau asked those who could not benefit from CERB to be patient. For students, the new package will be announced for those who can not pay the loan debts and those who work weekly. There will be an explanation about this very soon.

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