The show’s host, Bryce Langston, traveled to Cowlitz County, Washington, to visit an inspirational couple with a stunning home.

The House outlined was built from a 40ft container and another 20ft container on top of it. This impressive and elegant house will certainly inspire you, but like many of their stories, this dream making project hasn’t been easy.

When Jamie and Dave finally found their dream property, they decided to sell their house in Vancouver, Washington. According to That Very Little Life Love blog:

They wanted to start their dream as soon as possible, and their main goal was to live without debt and mortgage.

As we get older and become much more mature, we tend to seek comfort with a simpler life. We wanted to get away from the chaos of the city and just enjoy the comfort of our home. It would be better if we retired without our debt and mortgage.

From there, the couple began building their dream home.

The couple still managed to work and focused solely on working at home for ten months on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

One might think that money and the work they do would have great difficulties, but it wasn’t. The couple didn’t expect that they would face a major problem while building their dream home.

One day, their hearts and dreams were almost destroyed when Dave suffered a huge bleed on his brain. Jaime never left his side and let know how much she loved him.

For three months, they worked hard to restore his speech, his senses, and basically everything he needed. Their therapist used something around their project to help Dave regain his strength.

From there, he could get up every morning and work a little bit each time. It gave him a sense of hope and meaning. According to the couple, the incident slowed them down, but they still managed to finish their home in ten months until they got over it all.

Dreams come true


Now, after sharing their inspirational stories, it was time to tour their affordable home. Before entering their home, you would admire the beauty of their landscape and gardens.

They have fresh air, trees, even hammocks where they can relax while you’re talking. One might think a professional did all the effort, but it was the couple’s hard work and love that made it all possible.

When they welcome Bryce at their home, you’ll quickly notice their beautiful fireplace in front of their small but cozy couch. So the star of the first floor is its magnificent kitchens. For such a small space, Jaime made sure he had all the space he needed in his kitchen.

They said they could accommodate 6 people in the dining area. He also talked about how he could move comfortably in his small homes and have full size devices.

Another star to look out for in their home is the spacious bathroom. They wanted a bath where they could move, bathe and dress without feeling cramped.

Their pantry and closet rooms were also huge. Inside their first floor, you wouldn’t even think it was a container. The design was well thought out and very impressive.

Now, we’re looking at the second floor, their bedroom. Jaime and Dave wanted many windows that allowed them to enjoy beautiful views of the forest.

Bryce was not only impressed, he was also impressed by the hardships the couple had to endure to have this beautiful home. It was really something to be proud of.





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