There are places on earth where there is little chance to go and see.The deepest caves,the highest mountains,the coldest places,the farthest islands…It doesn’t stop us from knowing if we go or not.But the life there is really different.

1-Bouvet Island / Norway
Bouvet Island is a belonging Norway forsaken island in the south of the Atlantic Ocean.It is about 2,400 km southwest of the Cape of Good Hope, about 1600 km north of Antarctica.It is considered the world’s most remote island.Scientists say the island was founded about 2,000 years ago after the volcano was released.The island can only be visited by an organised expedition.It’s been harder to investigate since it was opened.The glaciers are blocking the island all year.For this reason, many researchers are trying to get to the island by helicopter.

2. Oymyakon Village/Russia.
This is the coldest place people live. As a matter of fact, both transportation and living was very difficult. Sometimes the temperature drops below freezing temperature in September. And it’s at this level until May. Average temperature in January is -46 degrees. The population of the village is below 500. There’s a school and a health clinic. In the village during the winter electronic devices and automobiles can not be used. Located in the east of the field Sakha Republic and on the coast of the Indigirka River, The Village is very close to Antarctica. For this reason, only 3 hours in December can benefit from sunlight. In the summer, the sun is seen for approximately 21 hours. The village is located at a height of 741 m above sea level.

3-Kaffeklubben Island
Located in the northernmost part of the world,this land is known as Kaffeklubben island.It is located near Greenland.The first recorded name of the island was made in 1900 by Robert Peary, the US explorer.However, Kaffekluben Island was not visited until 1921.In 1969, a Canadian team calculated that the northernmost tip was the northernmost point on the land.

4. Dallol; Ethiopia.
If you are interested in the hottest place on earth, you can visit the town of Dallol of Ethiopia. The town of Dallol, located in the northernmost part of Ethiopia, was the mining town of the time. Measured as the hottest place in the world, this town is always around 34 degrees. The Dallol volcano near it has been dormant for nearly a hundred years. However, it has been proven that there is a regular geothermal activity in the region. In Dallol’s the humidity is 60%. The mist and sulfide pools from hot springs prove that the region is not even cold at night. The lemon-yellow mud, rust-colored shells and salt source in the lakes transform the region into a full visual feast.

5. Tristan da Cunha.
Tristan da Cunha, one of the world’s most remote island on the settlement of land. In 1506, a Portuguese admiral Tristan da Cunha was discovered by. It had a population of 275. Active volcanic origin is an island. The nearest land 2,334 km away to the Helena Island. A letter you send can be replaced several times a year. Because you come here twice a year. If you want to go there, you’ll have to take six months off. Professionals also accept this as the most difficult place in the world. No airport in the island, only a small port theres is. 1 school, 1 hospital, 1 post office, 1 museum, 1 bakery, 1 bar and 1 swimming pool in the island. Recent developments in the world according to some people it is seen as a sign of the Doomsday and according to some people, it’s seen as a sign of World War 3. But generally nothing affects this place. For these there are those who go to this very deserted place.

6. La Rinconada / Peru.
This is the highest city where people settle. With a height of 5100m, people make their living in the world’s highest residential area by working in the gold mine. A large part of the population of 50,000 people are people from the countryside of Peru. In the city without sewage and garbage dump, pollution is dangerous. The city is very difficult to reach because it is located in the Andes Mountains. Located on a frozen ice layer, this place can only be reached by truck. Difficult geographical conditions even if it makes it hard to live people who live here do gold mining. Although most of the city’s population is men, most of the lonely mothers, who are widows, work 12 hours a day to take care of their children.




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