Canada talks with the horror that 51-year-old Gabriel Wortman spoke for 12 hours in Nova Scotia with his gun. Wortman started his murder series on Saturday night, April 18, in a small town called Portapique. The police teams, who took action with the warning and fire alarms that came to 911, followed the armed attackers. The pursuit turned into a violent chase that covered many residential areas between the attacker and the police, who did not hesitate to use his weapon against dozens of people. It was determined that the serial killer wore an intermediate police uniform and used a vehicle similar to the police vehicle. The terrifying chase is 35 km from Halifax on Sunday, April 19. It ended with an armed conflict between the attacker and the police at 11:40 am local time at a gas station at a distance. RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki announced on Sunday evening that the armed assailant was dead and had identified 16 people as victims of the murder series by that time. RCMP, however, is concerned about the increase in this number and states that there may be victims that have not yet been identified. Commissioner Lucki also highlighted that the incident was not a terrorist affair.

The number of those who died in the chain of murder was announced on April 20, 2020, at 7am on Monday morning. During the clash with the armed aggressor, a police officer died and one was injured. 23-year police officer Heidi Stevenson was the mother of two children, who died.

Nova Scotia Prime Minister Stephen McNeil said in a statement about the investigation; “Terrifying. This was one of the most frivolous violent incidents in Nova Scotia history. ” used the expression.




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