Considering this month’s Air Canada enRoute theme, I asked myself a question, putting a travel spin on the proverbial tree-falling-in-a-forest conundrum: If you go on a trip and don’t take any photos, did it even happen? Photographs operate as cultural currency in the Instagram age, but filmmaking acts as a window into different worlds. There is no better example on board Air Canada this month than what takes place a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker sees J.J. Abrams once again helm the storied franchise, drawing it to a dramatic close. For a darker take on sci-fi, Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen uses the comic’s source material as a lens to view a troubled America and its superheroes. For a step back in time (but not mindset), I recommend Greta Gerwig’s modern, feminist Little Women – if it’s nostalgia you’re after, watch the 1994 version (also on board this month). Let Air Canada take you to worlds beyond our own.

Working together for the environment

The concept that underlies all our environmental initiatives at Air Canada is to leave less and do more for the community. We’re constantly reviewing our targets to assess how far we’ve come and what improvements we can continue to make.

We’ve invested heavily in a fleet renewal with more fuel-efficient and quieter aircraft; we run a team dedicated to reducing overall fuel consumption in the air; and we’re monitoring greenhouse gas emissions of all our facilities and mobile equipment on the ground as well.

I overview it all – from the sustainable aviation fuel we use to carbon market-based offset regulations. By writing reports on these different measures, I get to actively see what’s working and what’s not. My job is really about finding and tailoring solutions to each area.

Canada is a big country so carbon reduction looks different in every province. For example, in some of our facilities, lowcarbon fuel or renewable energy sources produce a smaller greenhouse gas footprint than the use of electric vehicles. At the end of the day, environmental sustainability is a group effort. As an airline we provide our customers and partners with ways where they can reduce their footprint – that is particularly rewarding.




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