Learning mysteries and conspiracy theory stories can be a lot of fun. The only thing that’s even more fun, is checking the facts and trying to debunk them.




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  2. It's electronic wave ieons dat sink da ⛵🤮🤢😫😯😮😲😳🤯🤯😵😱

  3. The flow of water (water current) is the reason why things aren’t found in the location they disappear at when they go under the water carry’s them out deep somewhere else.

  4. What if it's possible to create magnetic gloves strong enough to make magnetic fields powerful enough to make things float around the magnetic fields. Then you can TRULY use the force. 🤯🧲

  5. Even if someone finds out what really is under the Bermuda triangle or if anyone solves the mystery or something… I really don't think humans are supposed to know about all of that because depending on all the movies of this kind that I have watched humans are basically trying to hurt the creatures a d the world that does not belong to them…….

  6. 4:18 maybe people from Bahamas sent to Egypt pyramids with ships and died. Trueeeeeeeeee????????????????????????

  7. it says the titanic sank in the northern atlantic ocean, which is where the bermuda triangle is mostly located in. I thought the titanic sank in there, but then the ship has been recovered years ago. This kinda confused me because people say that it has been struck by an iceberg, which i think is not true.

  8. This video is a coverup. There must be whirlpools & magnetic field in Bermuda Triangle but thr is military presence as wel. I totally agree with some other comments.

  9. Hey there, BrightSiders! If you could think of a mayor for that underwater city, would it rather be Aquaman or Mermaid?


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