Canadian Labrador crab fishermen Alan Russell and Mallory Harrigan discovered something extraordinary while on their fishing boat one June day.

On normal working days, they suddenly noticed something unusual on a sponge shaped piece of ice in the middle of the open sea. According to Dodo, it was a gray spot that distant fishermen thought were seal pup.

The fishermen chose to take a closer look at just about everything, and as they approached they realized that this was not a seal pupĀ  an arctic fox in need of immediate assistance.

Alan and Mallory didn’t hesitate for a moment to save the fox and were determined to save his life.

But during the rescue attempt, they took the boat directly into the ice floe, which scared the poor seal pup more than it was.

But fishermen were determined to save the frightened little animal from certain death.

“In the end, they managed to get him on board despite him fighting,” says Mallory Harrigan, according to The Dodo.

Shortly after being rescued from the ice floe, the seal pup was already seen to be in better condition, and fishermen made a small bed for the fox to warm up on their way back to the safe harbor.

Alan and Mallory also gave the Fox something to eat, as he was horribly hungry after being on ice floes for a while.

They released the Arctic Fox shortly after they returned to land, and Mallory explained that it had swung a bit before escaping returning to safety on land.

How lucky it was for the fishermen to be in the right place at the right time! If anyone deserves to be hailed as everyday heroes, they are!

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