Any cleaning trick or hack for kitchen appliances is a huge help. I don’t need to let you know how dirty your kitchen can be with everything that’s going on there. In fact, your kitchen may be dirtier than some stains in your bathroom, no matter how crazy it sounds!

But it’s not that surprising when you think about it. Try to summarize all the topics spread across the kitchen and it starts to make sense.

Let me explain now: your toilet receives disinfection treatment from you. Obviously, the toilet is one of the first things you would consider visiting regularly with some disinfectant bleach, so it holds fewer bacteria on average.

On the other hand, your sink and oven have probably been dirty for weeks or more. Cross contamination is just a concern. All these microbes that breed in your stove and oven are another.

Cleaning the sink and stove should be easy enough. Having a large, open and accessible surface means you can only give it a few rounds of spray cleaner and disinfectant before wiping.

But the interior of the oven is something completely different and of course you want to be careful about what liquids you spray on an electric part.

Thanks to this beautiful little trick, you don’t have to worry about it!

If you don’t have one of these stylish, self cleaning ovens, there’s another way to completely clean your oven. Jill Nystul, who runs the website one Good Thing, has her own cheap and much needed oven cleaning method.

First of all, you need to buy a dishwasher detergent tablet. Not a capsule, watch out. Tablets are dry and powder based, turning into liquid.

Now that we have the tools, how does this method work?

Step 1 put on the gloves. You don’t want any of the dirt on the oven to get on your hands. This will also make it easier to hold the detergent tablet when it starts to become slippery and crumbly after step 2.

Step 2, soak the detergent tablet in hot water before using it to brush your oven door. To examine hard to remove stains and stains, you can soak the tablet back in warm water.

As the tablet disintegrates with use, the smaller pieces can be reused to enter between corners and areas otherwise inaccessible.

Finally, wipe clean with a dish cloth when you’re done.

How could Jill have come across this? Not so much, she says. Detergent tablets have already been made to get rid of the hard leftovers and stains on cutlery, so it seemed natural to work on the surface of an oven.

Knowing that it is so easy to clean the oven later, you can now cook as you wish! Quite a few people like to use their ovens, so consider sharing this article so they can see it!




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