In the midst of the frenzy that has ensued during this epidemic, people are still finding ways to get busy. Some of the more popular methods include various DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects that allow us to direct our inner creativity. One of the featured projects is a fantastic floor mosaic that will amaze you.

Kelly Graham by Camias Jewelry Designs is the talented creator of this 7500 mosaic designs. She shared his creativity after a comprehensive but rewarding journey and it has been maintained really well for the last 5 years.

“I did my own penny floor in my foyer room,” Graham said in a post that took the internet by storm. Kelly was inspired to share her vision with the masses after Kat Von D shared the floor for 28,928 cents.

“The process of making the floor was to separate the pennies as I filled each at the back to provide a nice adhesion to the existing tile. After putting the last penny in, I waited a few days for the caulking to solidify and then injected it. I waited a week for the mortar to harden and finally poured a resin coating on it. No penny smell, the floor is not slippery and after 5 years and still looks beautiful! “Kelly said.

No pain, no problem

She said she was actually a mechanic before entering the jewelry business, and this time helped her get better at spatial orientation.

Kelly recalled her time in the creative process as “a cathartic experience that I needed in my life, and perhaps that’s why design works like this.” The journey was a full of many decision changes and a lot of patience to begin with. The artist had to sit down and think about exactly what kind of pattern he wanted. Apparently, it took her 3 weeks to create the mold she wanted for her project. Whoever you are, it’s an incredible achievement. Her stay focused and patient in the early stages shows her commitment to long term projects like this.

“I never wanted to give up,” Kelly said, “if anything happened, I was totally devoted and motivated to quit.” That pretty much sums up why she was able to handle it in recent use.

Collect the fruits of labor

The mosaic covers an area of about 6x6ft. Mosaic consists largely of separating old and new pennies, which must be different layers of mosaic patterns. After publishing and sharing the picture, it gathered more than 57 thousand likes and more than 245 thousand shares.

Nowadays, Kelly is busy managing and maintaining her own website, which is full of her own unique design. Today, Kelly is busy managing and maintaining her own website, which is full of her own unique design. She is very proud of the work she has done and has described herself as basically “a one person complete show that does everything”

This is truly an amazing masterpiece of art. The immeasurable amount of patience required to complete this is truly amazing. It is possible for you to show how far you are willing to go to fulfill your passion and desires. As Kelly put it simply, “Our inner muse spoke and I listened.” Good job, Kelly!




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