The former lawyer for Tiger King star Carole Baskin’s missing husband is claiming the multimillionaire was strangled then tossed out of a plane into the Gulf of Mexico.

Don Lewis mysteriously vanished in 1997, with friends believing Baskin had a role in his demise.

The mystery played a key role in the smash Netflix series.

Lewis’ longtime lawyer, Joseph Fritz, told Nancy Grace on Fox Nation that he believes his client was murdered. Left in his wake was a US$5-million fortune.

Lewis was declared dead in 2002 but his body was never found.

“What I had heard was that he was strangled from the backseat of an airplane over the Gulf (of Mexico) at 50 feet (15 metres) and dropped out over the Gulf,” Fritz told Grace, adding that his client liked to fly under the radar because his pilot licence had been revoked.

“In my view, there’s no question but that he was murdered. As we say in the South, DRT – Dead Right There.”

Cops have renewed their efforts in finding out what happened to Jack “Don” Lewis.

The veteran lawyer thinks that Lewis was lured to a private airport under the guise of buying a new plane. Instead, he was murdered.

“Don Lewis, he was terribly cheap while he was very wealthy. He was cheap beyond belief. What would have lured him more than anything else is a good deal on an airplane. So that’s what I assume happened — that he got lured up to the Pilot Country Estates to look at an airplane,” Fritz said.

His abandoned car was later found at the airport, about 65 km from his home.

Baskin told cops her husband planned to travel to another home in Costa Rica.

Fritz said Lewis wouldn’t have walked away.

“He loved those cats. He never would have just walked away from them – ever. He was proud of those cats. He loved his cats. Some force made him leave,” the lawyer said.

In Tiger King, Baskin’s mullet-haired nemesis, Joe Exotic, claimed she fed her missing husband to her tigers. Exotic is currently serving a 22-year jail sentence for scheming to murder Baskin.

Tampa detectives have now reopened the Lewis case and have admitted that Baskin is their prime suspect. She has never been charged.

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