Show them the money.

YouTube and TikTok stars can make some serious coin according to a new list estimating the top 25 earners on both social media platforms by

Singer-dancer-vlogger JoJo Siwa of Dance Moms fame was the top earner on YouTube, the second largest search engine in terms of users, earning an estimated $569,112 US per video

The No. 1 earning artist on TikTok, the increasingly popular video sharing social network, was singer Loren Gray, raking in an estimated $197,500 per video.

At the bottom of the respective top-25 lists was YouTube actor-LGBTQ activist-comic-author Tyler Oakley, taking home an estimated $7,866 and TikTok actress-singer-former gymnast Annie LeBlanc earning an estimated $76,500.

“These huge YouTube stars, that you and I will probably never hear of otherwise, they’re in their bedroom, they don’t have a fancy studio, therefore making every teenager think they could be a YouTube star or TikTok star, ”says social media veteran, publicist and manager Mayah Riaz.

“And that’s what’s happening. What Generation Z of this world knows is how to make those videos go viral. And because you don’t need to pay anybody else to put it out there, you could make it on your mobile phone.”

We caught up with Riaz down the line from London.

Is it strange that many people might not have heard of these influencers?

It’s generational. Teens and Generation Z (know) because if you think about it, they live their lives online. There are 1.5 billion downloads on TikTok and we hear about YouTube but (the stars) are not household names — yet. The earning potential of these people, none of us can name them, so it just shows you don’t have to be in the papers, you don’t have to be famous, in terms of having such high earning potential on social media and you don’t have to have the level of fame the likes of George Clooney, who is internationally known. You can be known to the tailored audience because it’s certain categories — sports, gaming, education — on the internet without the parents knowing about it. So they’re huge stars in their own right and if you look at companies, they’re definitely doing their homework in terms of finding out who these people are.

Singer Loren Gray is the top Tik Tok earner. (Screen grab off Tik Tok)

Does other social media come into play here?

These stars are huge on TikTok, but they also have Instagram followings. A teenager would know what they’ve had for breakfast as well as what their bedroom looks like and then following them on TikTok. So it’s not just TikTok that’s has made them huge. Their following has come on the back of other social media networks. And they’re the early adopters. Back in the day, I used to have really well-known high-profile entrepeneurs say: ‘Should we be on Facebook? Isn’t it for kids?’ And I’d be like: ‘No, it’s a great business tool. You’d use it different than a child would.’ But you’re finding that with SnapChat and Instagram, it’s the younger generation that make it such a huge platform for businesses to get on the back of.

How do they actually make their money?

Advertising and product placement would be the next thing. So, in terms of the views on YouTube, you get paid on views. It has to be in the thousands. And also product-placement companies wanting, say, a beauty blogger to try their mascara or speak about the mascara. If you were to see some TikTok videos, they may be doing a dancing video, but in the back you may see a beauty brand. That can be a screen shot and for the company that owns the beauty brand, that’s huge. Over here in the UK, advertising agencies are trying to get a bit more strict and they need to use a hashtag and things like that.

Are there any new innovations in this field?

Instagram has done so much better in terms of views when they introduced Instagram stories. It’s short, it’s sharp, nobody has time. We get bored really easily, so TikTok Instagram stories do really well because they’re short, they work perfectly to a teenager’s attention spam because, if you think about it, they’re growing up in a world that values instant gratification, it wants it now or yesterday. We can get Amazon delivery the same day, we don’t have to wait. It’s all about instant. That’s why TikTok is doing so well. It doesn’t take much time.

Top 10 YOUTUBERS: (With earnings per video; YouTube name in parentheses)

1. JoJo Siwa (Its JoJo Siwa), Life / Vlogging Channel, $568,112

2. Anastasia Radzinskaya (Like Nastya Vlog), Children’s Channel, $546,549

3. Coby Cotton; Cory Cotton; Garrett Hilbert; Cody Jones; Tyler Toney. (Dude Perfect), Sports Channel, $186,783

4. FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review, Children’s Channel, $184,506

5. Jake Paul (Jake Paul), Comedy / Entertainment Channel, $180,090

6. Logan Paul (Logan Paul), Comedy / Entertainment Channel, $171,396

7. Ryan Kaji (Ryan’s World), Children’s channel, $133,377

8. Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis (German Garmendia), Comedy / Entertainment Channel, $81,489

9. Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie), Comedy / Entertainment Channel, $80,178

10. Olajide William Olatunji (KSI), Comedy / Entertainment Channel, $76,383

TOP 10 TIKTOK INFLUENCERS: (With earnings per video; TikTok name in parentheses;)

1. Loren Gray (lorengray), Lip Syncing / Music Videos, $197,500

2. Ariel Rebecca Martin (BabyAriel), Lip Syncing / Music Videos, $151,500

3. Charli d’amelio (charlidamelio), Dancing Videos, $149,000

4. Riyaz Aly (riyaz.14), Lip Syncing / Music Videos, $145,000

5. Kristen Hancher (kristenhancher), Lip Syncing / Music Videos, $117000

6. Gilmher Croes (gilmhercroes), Lip Syncing / Music Videos, $117000

7. Awez Darbar (awezdarbar), Dancing Videos, $112500

8. Spencer Knight (spencerx), Lip Syncing / Music Videos, $112500

9. Jacob Sartorius (jacobsartorius), Lip Syncing / Music Videos, Earns $111000

10. Arishfa Khan (_arishfakhan_), Acting Videos, Earns $109000

Methodology: The team at compiled a list of the highest followed (independent) YouTubers and TikTokers to form a list of 50 influencers. The report includes estimated earnings per influencer using Digital Music News’ earnings per stream calculation for YouTube and Real Time TikTok data for TikTok. Once earnings were collected, the influencers were then categorized as per their channel genre. Estimates are based on algorithm data and CPM, however there could be some deviation against these estimations and actual earnings. It is as accurate as possible but please bear this in mind.

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