Toronto’s firefighters don’t want a pay increase for continuing to go to work during the pandemic.

Their union, the Toronto Professional Fire Fighters Association — representing the 3,000 front-line firefighters — says it’s not asking that its members be included in the group of front-line workers who are eligible for a $4-per-hour pandemic pay premium that the province has offered.

“We have a contract with the city and we are happy to honour that contract,” TPFFA president Frank Ramagnano said in a statement.

“We expect no more, no less. Being on the frontline responding during times of emergency is what Toronto firefighters have always done and will continue to do on behalf of the citizens of this great city.”

Instead, the TPFFA is asking people and organizations to support its charitable arm — the Toronto Fire Fighters Charities Inc. — which uses the CanadaHelps portal as a means to collect donations and issue receipts.

All donations made between March 20 and the foreseeable future will go directly to COVID-19 related efforts within the City of Toronto.

“These are challenging times for everyone, but we’ll get through this together by listening to our health experts and by helping each other as we always do,” Ramagnano said.

“In the meantime, the people of Toronto can rest assured that Toronto firefighters are on duty 24-7, as usual, and are ready to assist in any kind of emergency.”





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