1. To the people that voted this POSER into power. You and your children will pay this debt until their grandchilden are gone. This is from the party and boy who think a budget balances itself. I'm only sorry you are taking the rest of us with you.

  2. This is all theft. Tax revenue is not for this kind of thing, in fact you literally cannot return tax revenue to tax payers in this manner without creating compounding taxation.

    You all made your free market capitalist beds, now fooking lay in them you entitled children.

  3. So do we just have an unlimited line of credit as a nation? Or do we just not care about our grandchildren at all and that's what we've decided as a society is an acceptable norm?

  4. $100 million to food banks, $350 million to charities, employees paid to not work, business shut down and the list goes on. Perhaps someone should let the PM know that this nation is based on economic activity that generates money to keep it going.

  5. so instead of dolling out money (something you do oh so well) how bouts you get out the way – go to a park or another province and let the people go and fix your mess. People need work – not welfare.


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