1. There is absolutely no need for Vaccines.
    A Major study by the University of Southern California discovered that out of the thousands of people tested most already had the Anti-Bodies
    This means that a very large % of the population have already had the virus and built up immunity to it.
    This study was also mentioned by Tucker Carlson but the CDC idiot there ignored the meaning of this data.
    WE DON"T NEED A VACCINE. They can shove it up their deep state criminal a…

  2. This is Tyranny and the threat of invading our privacy and freedoms. They are forcing us to comply. This is a lie. 80percent false positive for rna found in any sick individual. It's been openly stated this is the flu and the new numbers are fabricated. We the people need to rise up and wake up. This man is a puppet

  3. I've spoken to immigrants and even they and their countrymen laugh at Trudope…I believe he is a worldwide joke! Easy to throw around billions when he will never have to pay it back and no plan to get it paid off. vote this bobblehead out and lets get past this dark period in Canada's history having another Trudeau as prime minister.

  4. Why would we need all of this money put into redundant vaccine research ? If you understand science then you know that researchers everywhere go about the task in similar fashion. Use the cash to develop better decontamination methods for hospitals and long care health homes instead of make work programs for researchers.

  5. Sheer complaining about lack of funding for COVID testing, and Trudeau answers back with funding. So, the obvious response from Conservatives is "Your wasting tax payers $$" At this point, your just hating on Trudeau to fuel your haterade, for him. I work in retail, and every time a customer comes up and starts bitching about Trudeau, it always immediately veers off into nonsensical ramble. Go figure.

  6. Belive me when I say this…this bastards have already made the vaccine aka poison long even they started this virus hoax…. the hoax was just an avenue they want to use to depopulate and kill people off

  7. Well I really wish Him well to recover from so long lasting covid19 quarantine (seems like never ending) so I decided to offer him my vaccine when becomes available. I am perfectly healthy, always were and will be . My secret is avoiding doctors and pharmaceutical except good natural supplements .

  8. The rich are getting more richer and we’re going to have to pay for it has anybody asked where is all this money coming from I’m still waiting for Justin Trudeau to stand up against China and make them pay for it because they’re the ones that made it and released it we know exactly which doctor synthesized it in the laboratory she works at it’s just over 6 km away from the fishmarket that doesn’t sell bats and is not where the disease started from they even know who patient zero is Obama gave China the technology and money the French government built them the bio weapons laboratory come on people do some more research china has to pay for this not us

  9. Justin Trudeau….your fake virus is the biggest hoax in human history. And if you dare attempt your vaccination agenda, I promise you, there will be a bloody revolution against you and all members of the government…
    We all know you are taking order from your global masters

    I can also see you are Masonic friends are using WITCHCRAFT AND SPELLS to program people’s mind…. that will NOT work..I promise you

  10. Research was done already … it seems that vaccine won't be useful, a 20 CAD treatment is working very well on hundred thousands people yet … the only research I d like to be funded is about "how to become PM and be so bad at it" it looks like a goat with one eye will had done better, my apologies to the goat ! Thank you . Stay FREE !

  11. translation, I am sending millions of tax dollars to my good friend Bill Gates, who will intern give me millions in kick backs to the Trudeau foundation, so that when I get kicked out of office I will be far richer than when I was elected. You can take your vax and stick it in your own arm. I trust that vax about as much as I trust you which is about as much as I trust mexican tap water.

  12. A vaccine is a long term solution for HIV too, but there's no money to research that, disease that's killed millions of ppl. Canada is not a Fascist state. JT wants to be a dictator. Time to eliminate him from parliament. I will never again allow a vaccine to be injected into my body. The government cannot be trusted under any circumstances. The new vaccines are full of nanobots & nanochips activated by 5G. I have the right to refuse medical treatment. Never trust anything Bill Gates has touched.

  13. It would be funny if not so sad and dangerous. Open borders but we have to stay indoors until he can poison us with his made in China vaccine? Wake up prople!

  14. k idk what to say anymore I'm just being a douche. I'm gonna stop and leave the situation, and will no longer watch these videos unless I can perceive some kind of positive information out of it. I am not so concerned with covid-19 as I am with my own sense of ego, so, I'm just gonna stop shitting all over innocent peeps who are equally as confused during this pandemic. It is not right for me to judge so, please just keep doing your things and voicing your opinions. I personally have to reason to argue over any of them. If anything I am just bored and adding volitility to what should be a humane discussion. I'm stopping now, and have learned, to not say anything, even if I am mad at what someone else said, because honestly, that's what makes me look and feel like a loser, not stepping in the first place. I have the small peepee, because I AM the small peepee. Ok! sorry for that. Never gonna scroll down on these videos again. (For the duration of this pandemic)


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