1. A Socialist move like no other!! Raise taxes through a pandemic, give themselves a raise, give an absurd amount of money to a group of people that don't need it as bad as business and families!!! This virus is a global socialist agenda in the first right.The students can have the money now but you will be starving in 5 years or less when this socialist government gets voted back in (by the students) It's like giving candy to kids and you know how that turns out!!

  2. Where exactly is all this money coming from? taxes…. money printing inflation…. Scare tactics, virtue signalling to drive the economy to its knees and keep students on the government teet.

  3. PPL tell me that International students from the east, their rich parents pay for their schooling. People say the money these students got from the Covid fund, stole from ppl in Ontario and others who really needed it because they cried the blues

  4. What about old debt? like every other country? All bullshit again, grants? scholarships? you mean an easy way to bail out universities and colleges that are obsolete.

  5. I just wanted to say this I hope so ppl read it….I'm a carpenter worked all my life for union with bosa construction…..never collected any social benefits….(welfare or ei) never been without work…..never owed government a dime…..I live in a one bedroom Apartment….no million dollars mortgage…..and drive a Honda civic…..never been in debt or lived beyond what I am capable to afford without debt… question is why is the government helping ppl that have 2 mill dollar mortgage and have 2 vehicles…. A business…. A vacation home….and all these of things that they can't afford and get all these benefits….such a joke….I have made 75k a year for 10 years….I have managed to pay my outrageous rent and taxes……. and I have saved enough to support my self for another full year…. but one month in these millionaires and rich kids need help?

  6. Yeah 9 billion wasted on indoctrinated liberal students, to take feminist studies, transgender awareness, and globalism science classes. More money this blithering idiot is pissing away during the greatest recession this country has ever seen.

  7. All these money given away its like bankruptcy. they know that soon is gonna a be a new digital currency for the upcoming New World Order. A new global goverment, one global currency and one global Boss – The antichrist aka Bill Gates that will mandatory vaccinate the humanity and make everyone recieve mark of the beast

  8. Do the math… 1 in 15,000 americans died because of this coronavirus. Now imagine a small normal american small town of 15,000 people. Just your ordinary small town of 15,000 people, whether in ohio, illinois, michigan or wherever. With all the people in that small town, the old, young, differant sizes, races and what not; a nice colorful mix of people. With normal small town things like the town hall, town church, town high school, main street, and all those 15,000 people in that normal small town in America. Now imagine if 1 person dies in that town, a person who is old or at risk from a current medical condition. Do you think it would be normal for the whole city of 15,000 to shut down for 2 months and everybody lock themselves in their homes because that 1 person died. NOT IN A MILLION YEARS. That death is just part of normal life. Yet this has been produced and created a mass hysteria of epic proportions and over reaction. I think the cure and precautions are very over board and exxagerated. I THINK WE HAVE BEEN DUPED for political or monetary fleecing of government reasons. Its no worse then the regular flu which we deal with every year. In fact, 3 times as many people die from the flu then this Coronavirus bologny. We all just need to relax, wash our hands, eat healthy and resume normal life

  9. CANADA WAKE UP , Trudeau is applying his subtle communist programmed mind in to your young children , He is asking for your children to volunteer and be paid to risk their life and your family life with Covid 19 while Trudeau is working from his home,
    CANADA WAKE UP why Trudeau believes that his life has more value than yours and your children life ?

  10. 00:14 "Our government is creating 76,000 jobs". What do you mean by "creating". Are they really necessary or is this just another one of the government "make work" projects. Having worked for the federal government in various departments, most jobs are a make work type. Your tax dollars hard at work. And the sad thing is, you can't opt out of paying taxes no matter how poorly the country is managed (actually, it is not).

  11. How about the casuals that are being offered work on their availability. Now the government is offering help they are now refusing the work offer because they rather collect the money from the government.

  12. Sure, let's give the Natives more money to waste on tobacco and firewater while they throw away their free education opportunities for tax-free, glorified welfare cheques.

  13. He has spent money for everything, doesnโ€™t care about tax payers, doesnโ€™t care about disable persons like me still go to work then bring home less than 2000 per month.


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