1. Good。Why not cut property taxes, also return car insurance to customers since we are not driving, especially BC, this big car 🚗 insurance monopoly giant.

  2. Why come out with new give away everyday. Mine as well give everyone a million dollar and write off the year and we all can go on a nice vacation.

  3. I f there was noTrudeau the world would be a better place.
    Until he is gone the world will suffer.
    Trudeau a curse on all mankind!!!
    Canadians dump that bastard

  4. CBC, CTV, CP24 < fitting name. They all have proven track records, of LYING TO YOU. So why would they be telling you the truth now? Why would you ever trust someone whose lied to you before? Being a stupid sheep would be one answer.

  5. Trudeau, a cheap and disgusting actor. An individual full of himself, like a narcissistic raven savouring any misfortune just to come in front, and to be seen by the crowds. Believing that he shines with wisdom but he only emanates demagogy and stupidity. This pandemic helps him to enjoy his position to reduce the population's well-being to a zero, and ruin country's entire economy. His ignorance will demolish Canada.

  6. Land lords aren't "bad" guys they just own couple condo to "survive" – Doug Ford
    I wonder how tenants are doing to "survive" with such a "good" landlords.

  7. He got the money printer in high gear with no plan to end this, so maybe everyone just stay home, stop paying rent, mortgages even utilities for that matter and Just hold our hand out untill the big time spender gives us some more 💰💰💰💰💰. He's killing this country, what a shame !

  8. AMAZING to see how Canadian companies are stepping up to produce PPE here in Canada. Great job Gov. of Canada for making this happen. Congratulations!

  9. shud b 100% its theyre fault we are shutdown , not a personal choice therefore if you want to control and pause our lives then you must take control of all my bills also.

  10. Serious question- all you people on here bitching about rent relief for tenants, where the did you spend your 2k/month? I understand it's not a huge sum in the grand scheme of things but it's more than enough to live off for a few months and pay rent. What's going on? Either you are still working, you have 2k monthly in relief or you weren't making money before either and still managing. Am I missing something?


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