1. Your system has many flaws just like you mr prime minister. You are the cause many small businesses will be going out of business when this is all said and done you should be proud of being a failure to many Canadians.

  2. What about pensioners in this country. We are struggling too. This virus affects us just like everyone else in Canada, however there has been no talk of financial assistance for us. Business, big oil, students, families with kids, charities etc., but nothing to help pensioners like me who just pay and pay.

  3. When do we end the lockdown? How many more weeks of their models being 200-400% higher than the real numbers? How many more studies showing the virus is actually 0.1-0.2% lethal, vs the 3.4% claimed by WHO (which makes it essentially a bad flu)? When 6.7 million Canadians don't have jobs (current numbers)? When 40% of small businesses shutter (soon to happen)? When hospitals continue to be underwhelmed to the point where they are laying off staff? When domestic violence deaths more than double (happening now)? When suicidality, hopelessness and mental illness explode even more? Or is it only after the government continues to do nothing to protect the elderly, the very people most at risk, as they continue to die to to what amounts to criminal negligence? Please tell me when. What is the criteria for the a-okay, because I have heard nothing except bullshit from our leaders for months now, and I am tired of living in a police state.

  4. What happens when people start turning to crime out of a need for money. What happens when depression anxiety mental illness become worse then the virus? The states is giving there citizens hope on reopening what is Canada doing except instilling more fear and less trust in our government? One of the reasons why I’m getting out of this country and moving to the states.

  5. Yes, it’s time to go back to work. Us Canadians should be now going back to work, enough this. Open slowly and go from there . We need to have freedom to go to work and support our families.

  6. Justin Trudeau was described by pro liberal McLean's magazine as an imposter PM. I agree. He does not understand tbe implication of what his doing by spending billions upon billions of dollars with no regard for what is to follow. I don't think Canadians realize what will follow either. I guess Canadians didn't pay attention to what recently happened in Venezuela what a moronic dictator, Hugho Chevez, tried giving everyone everything for free, ruin the country then died and left it to another moron. Now look.

  7. Lets see , if this goes on for 3 months…
    1 you will be out of pocket for 25% of a years income
    2 you will be indebted to the government for business loans ..LOANS are not grants , this plandemic will likely cost business owners a half a year of economic damage , many will go bankrupt because of it.
    3 Grants to the unemployed will cause tax's to go up..
    YAAA Marxism !


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