1. Thats because the government keeps taking money postal workers make for other programs. Like our SSI we paid in, government squandered it away when government is not suppose to touch. Government makes UPS pay for other programs they have nothing to do with. Started years ago!! Government is thieves

  2. Fedex leadership said in the early '90's that if the post office ever got it's act together – they'd be out of business. Fedex is doing well, as is UPS. It cost me $8 to mail a t-shirt to the next state a couple of days ago. I received free shipping, from Amazon, on a box that was 30 times larger than the box I shipped the t-shirt in. They are not operating efficiently, and the organization that is, as stated, suppose to provide low cost service? Seems they are passing on the costs to the single person.

  3. And Two day free Prime shipping doesn’t have USPS they use UPS and when they use UPS it is on standard shippings which they charge what normally USPS will charge for delivering the same package, here again he is trying to sell the people an idea based on fake claims that lazy people will believe, lazy people never do research those are the easily people to brain watch and control.

  4. He needs a full psychiatric evaluation by independent sources. It should be a NATO mandated request. Postal reform? This is idiocy and/or foul play by those with sinister motives.

  5. hum, i dont think it would be fair . to be honest , whenever i buy something fromthe USA on ebay, the shipping cost is already high enough ( with sometimes import charges etc ) . now they want to increase the shipping rates ? are youcrazy ? you should compare to canada post which is very efficient and cheap

  6. Joseph Goebbel's propaganda strategy was simple and bold: he was an expert in what he called "the big lie."  The idea was that the public doesn't care about the truth.  What they want to hear is something that is simple, that seems to solve their problems, and you say it again and again and again.  It doesn't matter if it corresponds to the facts or not; you just keep saying it and sooner or later the people will start to believe it.

  7. Okay, raise the Amazon delivery fee and get ready to witness one of the worse unemployment chaos in history. Amazon would become the US Postal Service paying it's employees minimum wage again. Trump is delusional.

  8. That's funny. That's exactly what I think of the army navy marines and air force . At least when I pay the mail MAN to do HIS ONLY JOB he does it . When I pay a LOSER COWARD to defend the constitution THAT LITTLE LYING BOY BECOMES A PIMP

  9. Here in Ireland we dont expect our post office to make a profit. It's a public service. Right now our postmen are bringing shopping and newspapers to people who are self isolating due to Covid. They dont apply, they just ask the postman. This is paid for by the exchequer. Trump would never begin to comprehend the concept of a Public Service.

  10. Before you blame Trump take a breath and see how Post office waste money, and why they are loosing money. I work for Post office, I can't believe what they spend million is dollars for. Why they do ad for Amazon for free with them ever pay Amazon for doing ad.

  11. Postal service is one of the worse money looser. They love waste money not just raise package price buy lots of other things. Postal service will lease land for more than the Land worth for less than ten years. They spent billion on nonsense.

  12. The Post Office losses money because of their Pension obligation to former workers. Amazon has built their own delivery service probably because of this Presidents threats of raising prices on packages. Amazon doesn't deliver everywhere so they use USPS. If this man gets reelected and the Post Office raises prices 4 times… you will see the death of the post office.

  13. And its the truth they have been in debt for years because they operate poorly but have the government always bailing them out, so they never fix stupid

  14. This guy is worried about billions the post office is losing. Just how much have we injected into banks, bonds, mortgage back securities. Our fed reserve says we have "infinite cash". Print away sir print away! Soon the dollar will be worthless!

  15. Small internet companies have to pay full charges to ship stuff Amazon doesn't pay squat this is why small businesses cannot compete Amazon should pay the same price as everybody else


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