1. The RCMP have sworn no oath to Canadians its to the crown corp. There will be no accountability. {But we pay for them.} Just so you know that's like the gestapo. Investigate your government, the CBC {all mainstream Canadian media for that matter}, and now the RCMP. Now if you just got mad a bit, its because the RCMP has been used as a national symbol and you have been duped by pride.

  2. The only one to Blame in this catastrophe is the Monster "Gabriel Wortman"(And for sure that he is already BURNING IN HELL, believe me), and nobody else. The RCMP did not expected something so horrible to happen in such peaceful Town, let's not blame them, they did the best they could, they are humans just like us, they also get scared and confused, anyone would feel the same way.

  3. Someone can please explain, why 51 years old man educated, professional, well-known in the Town, considered a nice person would all of a sudden start killing people?!? God be with the members of the families that lost their loving ones.

  4. This was a unique situation, people gotta calm down. Yes, they withheld information from the public. It's clear didn't want the shooter to find out how much they knew. Maybe it wasn't the correct choice, but they killed him. Fitting end, that could have been worse.

  5. I live near the scene 23 shot 2 more shooters now they got them and helicopters flying over here

  6. The guy is clearly a psycho, no questions there. The real questions are: why was this guy allowed to have that car (even if not plated) in the first place? Why is rcmp tweeting crucial information to the public on twitter? Are these members of the rcmp going to lose their jobs for their incompetence or will they just get a warning? After looking at what happened, how can a sane minded person think that baning guns for lawful gun owners is going to affect criminals in ANY way from getting a gun or a lethal weapon to commit these crimes (This money can instead go into proper rcmp training)?

  7. 2 boy hid inside closet 😭😭😭😭😭😭while mom and dad got shot 😱😱😱😭😭😭😭. Sunday. If RCMP national amber alert. Save those life. Please. Emergency 🚨 emergency warning people

  8. Non-mainstream news/sources have details before mainstream news (of course) and It's deeply sadenning to hear the details of all of this.
    My heart is with these families in this time and I hope they find peace and healing in time. <3 Noone should have to experience this, especially not children.

  9. Imagine being on lock down in your home for the pandemic, a RCMP cruiser pulls up in your driveway in the middle of the night, a man in uniform knocks on the door. What is yoyr response?

    Most people are so conditioned to "Respect authority" they would answer the door without a moments hesititation.
    Those people are now dead, executed in their own homes.

  10. There MUST be an independent external investigation into why the police took so long to engage with the shooter and let this rampage continue for way too long. If officers betrayed their duty to protect the public and engage with an attacker, the public must know.

  11. I am thankful to live in a country where I trust emergency responders to do what is needed, if they didn’t step in this guy would have hurt more people.
    Crazy had an aim and he obviously put some thought into his plan, my heart goes out to the families.


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