For the first time in London, covid – 19 vaccine trials will be conducted deliberately to volunteer people.

The trials, which will be funded by the government, are expected to begin in January at a 24-bed quarantine clinic in East London, The Times reported. As part of the experiments, volunteers will first be given one of the vaccine candidates, and after a while they will be infected with the corona virus that causes Covid-19. After that, data on the success and safety level of the vaccine will be collected by tracking the status of the volunteers. It is aimed to accelerate the time to determine whether the vaccines developed together with these experiments work.

More than 200 groups are currently conducting studies on vaccines, the Times reported. The protection that first generation vaccines will provide is expected to be limited, and it can take years to develop these vaccines. Participants in similar influenza experiments received fees of up to £ 3,750, The Times reported.

It was reported that payments for covid-19 experiments may be higher, as participants will need to remain in isolation for about a month. Dominic Wilkinson of Oxford University said he supported the planned experiments and said: “The sooner we have a vaccine, the sooner our lives will return to normal. More importantly, more lives can be saved. If we got the vaccine in less than a week or a month, hundreds, thousands, and potentially tens of thousands of lives could be saved worldwide. ”

Volunteers will face the risks, the risk that the virus will not be closed more than met any of them. Many young people think that the high risk of infection with this virus. They think they can get the virus as part of an experiment. ”

The statements made by the government on the subject are as follows: “We are working with our partners to understand how we can collaborate on potential vaccines to be developed for Covid-19 through human experiments. These interviews pandemic able to finish earlier treatment, and we hope to limit a part of our research for blocking the virus. “




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