Charlotte Robinson, of Yew Tree Mews, in Osbaldwick, posted this video on Twitter showing around 40 to 50 cows on the loose near her home after escaping from a nearby farm.

She recorded the video at around midnight.

She said: “They woke me up. I could hear some sort of noise. It sounded like someone trying to break in, so I looked out of our spare bedroom window which faces the street and at first they were all surrounding my boyfriend’s car. Then they moved onto the next house, that’s when we got the video.

“Looking at the aftermath this morning they’ve eaten some of my plants at the front and left some of their not very nice remains over the drive!”

Charlotte reported the incident to the police.

She said all the cows are now back at the farm, adding: “The owners have said that some of the fencing was stolen, that’s why they were all loose. So well done to the farmers for dealing with this all.”

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