Why Planes Don't Fly Over Himalayas


Wouldn’t it be amazing to see the tallest mountain on the planet from an airplane window? Just imagine yourself nestled in your seat, sipping on a coffee and …


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  1. There's no such thing as "kph". Stop using imperial/US customary unit logic with metric units; the symbol for kilometres per hour is "km/h". Also, the symbol for metres is "m", not "M".

  2. I am going to brag: As a serviceman in the Army Air Corps, my father flew cargo and troops between India and China over the Himalayas during WW II in a C130.
    It was one of the most dangerous and crucial in the war.
    Dad would have turned 100 this year.
    RIP Daddy!!!

  3. lol to high in case of an emergency descent the GRID MORA are extremely high ., and probably no enough oxygen inside airplane to maintain high level ., basic flying rules

  4. Actually planes do fly over it, there’s actually a company out there that does air tour. Ps airlines have max ceiling altitude of 50,000ft, why go 35,000 over the mountains. I’d probably go 47,000ft. Oh and the higher they fly the less fuel they burn because winds are pretty strong up there / engine doesn’t need to work as much.

  5. this is completely lie … i live between three mountain ranges Himalaya karakuram and Hindukush but planes fly over thees ranges on daily basis

  6. But what the video should've described is why does that turbulence or decompression happen when the planes fly above the Himalayas, whereas there were only few sentences spoken behind that science (mountain winds)….