Why Planes Don't Fly Over the Pacific Ocean


Why do airlines avoid the Pacific Ocean? You might think it was a safety issue. The Pacific is the largest and deepest of the world’s oceans. If a plane encounters …


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  1. If I had made this video I probably would have said planes prefer to fly over Alaska so that if the plane crashes those big fluffy polar bears would have something to eat.Go figure.

  2. So what makes people think the earth is flat? Answer: Most have never been in an airplane; you can actually see the curvature of the earth while flying. Get out and live.

  3. Last 2017 i flew from taiwan going to houston.. and some airplane they gonna show in that mini monitor in the back of the seat where is the airplane right now.. and guess what they cross the pacific ocean.. lol

  4. This video's title should be "how to waste ur time by false news*
    1.once people were scared to go to the Pacific ocean but now as technology made it quite easier so it's not a big deal
    2.I see 100 of planes flying over pacific ocean
    3.I also flyed over pacific ocean
    And this man talk way……… To much he needs to come to the main topic he is talking things which r not really needed so I hope I saved ur time this video will take 9.23 mins and give u false information my comment will take at least 1 or 2 min to read I hope I save ur time
    Thnx for 1.1k likes