When’s the last time you looked at a ship? Picture a cruise ship or container ship in the harbor. Did you happen to notice that the bottom of the hull is always …





  1. (Get your facts straight!)
    Your information about the S.S. Eastland is totally faults! My great uncle was on that ship when it capsized in the Chicago River in 1915 not from sailing on the Lake Michigan. The Eastlast being a tall steamship was docked in the Chicago River, one of many rented by Western Electric Co. to take their employees to the Warren Dunes in Michigan City, Indiana for the Company picnic.
    The reason for the capsized was that there was some commotion going on in the river opposite of the side they are boarding ship on and everybody on board rush to the far side of the ship and being tall with a short beam, the weight all on one side of the ship caused it to capsized!
    My uncle hung from the handrailing as many people above him stepped on his hands to keep from falling into the river as the boat capsized.

  2. idk how are they called, but at ships like titanic or britannic, lusitania etc, there are 3 or 4 yellow or red pillars with a black stripe at the top. smoke is coming out so i think it was part of the coal pistons system. my question is why are they yellow or red

  3. Because some scientist say said there are under water bull so when that bull sees the ship it will hit it because its color red idk why

  4. All the extra tid bits were cool but wasnt the objective on why ships hulls are red? Not intriguing facts about ships

  5. Every ship that has very big trips must change a lot of times ballast waters cause regulation ( marpol) some times even fishes had be found on ballast waters

  6. It’s also sometimes painted red on the first few layers and then a different colour for the top layers such as blue because the paint slowly sloughs off over time so when you see the red paint you know you have to get it repainted soon

  7. I know from sailor is red the bottom in case the ship turn around to be appear from far away for helicopters planes and others ships will looking for.

  8. Maybe my parcel is late due to a scamming old lady named Margaret
    Maybe my parcel is a glass of OJ
    Maybe I'm making an overly blatant SomethingElseYT reference for no reason

  9. The fact that thousands of containers are lost at sea each year at this day and age actually blew my mind. My parents’ business is importing medical equipment and we once received a news from our shipping company that our shipment was lost. Oh we lost quite a lot of money that time.

  10. It's all wrong as the red paint is known as anti – fouling paint to prevent marine growth like barnacles growing on the ship's hull.

  11. Viking Line and silja line:
    am I a joke to you? (they're Finnish/swedish cruise companies which have mostly blue bottoms)


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