If you’re not a morning person, then you’d probably love living on the moon or out in space! The whole “lack of oxygen” thing aside, a ’round-the-clock night sky …





  1. Imagine if you were in a room you can see the light because the light has something to hit (the walls) while space is yk space so the sun has nothing to hit because it’s not like a wall it’s an end less space. So imagine if your in a room with a light bulb, now imagine the walls are expanding, its gonna be farther the light travels and doesn’t have enough energy to light the whole room. That’s space lol I’m high

  2. So if you can see stars on while on the moon why were there none on those pics from NASA's so called moon landing?

  3. black color is due to the absorption of radiation by the molecules. so does space has molecules???? plzzzz answer!!!!!!plzz

  4. Space is black because the universe has no surface for the light to shine on to and that's why stars shine on to planets as they surfaces to shine on to

  5. Why is space black?

    Because we blink our eyes
    Without giving information to our brain
    While looking to space😂😂😂😂

  6. We have just got so use to light at some times and dark at others. Normal life work, eating, sleeping and… whatever, just makes us accept things as normality. But when you really look at things like this it 's incredible. So much is going on up there it really blows you away. It's too much to take in so we juet get use to normal life, work, eating, sleeping… etc… etc.

  7. Right.. The sun takes 8m to reach us but other suns take billions of years… I call bs. Why is the moon lit if it has no atmosphere?

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