It’s always a bit embarrassing to hide my yellow pillowcases from others or, worst of all, throw them away. I wish I knew that solution already!

Do you spend so much time cleaning your bedroom thinking about your pillows? If you’re like most homeowners, the answer is no, so you’ve probably seen yellow and rough looking pillows over time. But don’t throw away the yellow pillows because Jillee was able to find a better way.

Jillee is a favorite online expert and then followed by households everywhere.

JIllee is the owner of “a Good Thing Past Jillee,” a blog dedicated to providing homemade tips to make your life easier. Her search for a cheaper alternative to buying new pillows began with a comment on how often she bought yellow pillows.

This is just a fact of life: ”Over time, sweat and natural oils from the body will seep into the pillow while you sleep. It will attract dust, dirt and other bad items. But that doesn’t change the fact that faded and yellow pillows aren’t very appealing! ”

Jillee wasn’t ready to give up her favorite merchandise, so she was looking for a better way …

But Jillee wasn’t quite ready to throw the pillowcase away yet. She would at least try to find an alternative she could do around the house. So she went online!

“A few years ago. I mourned our pillows and agreed that I should probably go out and buy new ones. But I wondered if I could find some information about washing the pillows online before throwing them in the trash. ”

As you can imagine, her search yielded results that she was proud to share on his website.

The consumables in this list are economical if they are already under your sink.

Many households already have the ingredients listed below in their laundry or under the sink. That means savings.

Even if one or two items are missing, it won’t take more than one trip to any store for the rest. Check out the list of supplies immediately below.


Oxygenated water

Borax Cup

Powder detergent

Three simple steps for whiter, cleaner pillows

Once you’ve collected all the ingredients, you’ll want to run the pillows by washing them on a hot water bike. Be sure to let them get wet for a long time. If your washing machine doesn’t have a soft function, you can use a bathtub or even a pot of hot water on your stove. If you are using your set top stove, make sure your water is boiling.

Add the ingredients to the mixture and let them dissolve. When the powder dissolves, pour the mixture over your pillow. Be sure to let the pillows get completely wet. So just wait 30 minutes.

After that, let the pillows rinse thoroughly and run for a cycle so that they dry completely.

Results will speak for themselves

This will extend the life of your pillows and prevent you from visiting the pillow section of your big box store for several years to several years.







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