Bright Side found 19 of the most extraordinary things people in various countries aren’t allowed to do according to the law. We don’t know much about laws if …




  1. Laws "if" other countries?? Plus half of the info is incorrect?.. channel seems to be going down hill a bit..

  2. Umm I live in the UK And some of these UK laws are not true so please do EXTRA research before you give out information thank you.

  3. In kuwait you can’t distroy the kuwait tower if the’y see you doing that you will go to jail.

  4. This video got me cramps of how hard I was laughing because like who would want to eat at a burning restaurant!?

  5. You can't save a drowning person, that law has no right to exist… OBVIOUSLY! It's a violation of human rights.

  6. No.19 spot is fake & No.18 because our monarchy has little power but still is the most powerful person in our country and number 17 because if they do then it’s not their fault

  7. The most amazing city was the united states (i also live in the united states but in illinois chicago)nevada ,las vegas

  8. it's NOT TRUE about there's a China law prohibiting you save drowning people. I guessed many others are false. Bright side used to be one of my favorite, but now I noticed a lot of what they say is not true.
    As matter of fact, there is a saying in china for many years, " who do you save first if your wife and mom both are drowning?" There is also a Chinese saying which goes "saving one life is better than building a seven tier pagoda".
    Dear Bright Side, if you don't know about a culture and law, please don't pretend you do.

  9. Actually we eat kinder egg a lot here so don't even make a video if you can't do the right contents 😑😑😑😑🙄🙄

  10. And there is multiple pieces you put them together so f you guys is your life survival videos fake to I am 8 by the way

  11. Is anyone there have guts to continue eating knowing the restaurant he / she in is on fire??

    Please tell me in the next vid if there is!!!!

  12. My Dream was to become a doctor in America. But I have not seen😢 america 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. KINDER "JOY" is now legal in the U.S. UPDATES ARE NEEDED. THANKS VERY MUCH 👍🏻💓🙏🏻😃


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