1. wear a MASK because it substantially increases your odds of having a mild case, should you get infected" — it's possible to get small OR large doses of COVID-19

    this is why: 1. healthcare workers who seem to have heavy exposure seem to get it worse; 2. for some reason, in general some ppl also get it worse — even young or health ppl — some oddly get it worse

    it could be as simple as: small viral dose vs large prolonged viral dose = mild or severe symptoms

    there is scholarly evidence begin to argue this point. China and Italy both have hypothesized it. New York Times just published a story on this, too: "These Coronavirus Exposures Might Be the Most Dangerous."

    so wear a MASK

    protects u somewhat
    protects others a lot
    and makes it more likely you'll get mild, not severe, symptoms

  2. Why is he not talking about Hydroxy Chloroquine. Yes, the cure for covid-19 and how he's going to make it available for the people. It's all over the Internet. He's going to share the same information which he has..ya right! Do your research people. The cure is already out there.

  3. Why is the Toronto Star releasing this? This goes against the Mad Groper Trudeau, and that j@ckass pays the Star's bills. Thank you, Premier Ford, you are showing this country how a leader should act like.

  4. But do you really know? Or have you been told? How about some life stream from Toronto covid-19 hospital emergency care,? No, – not the Italian hospital, and not some computer images of the virus. That disease is not a joke. I am concerned, let the people see, what is going on. it will make them understand. True pictures speak louder than 1000 words.

  5. We should have hundreds of thousands tested, by now, in Ontario alone. Countries like S Korea have already laid out the best way to handle this thing. Not taking their mass testing approach is simply incompetence.

  6. He is acting like its ebola. Its a common cold. Here is what is really going on. Globalists are blowing this way out of proportion so they can slip in freedom ending laws that diminish greatly your personal freedom. Just black face trudeau is a globalist that respects and envies Chinas basic dictatorship ( he said that). Just like after the 9/11 hoax laws were ushered in so that citizens can be held without bail indefinitely. Whats coming next is mandatory vaccinations for you and your family or you will receive zero healthcare. Mandatory vaccines or you will be denied basic and advanced services like a drivers license or bus pass. There will be new tiers of humanity. Those that comply with globalist demands and rules and those that are stripped of societal rights basic human rights. Justin black face trudeau says you will comply and you WILL

  7. #STAYHOME…It’s everyone’s life & death concern; especially for the overwork Healthcare Professionals. Last week, we were driving to the grocery store; a car almost drove into our suv within inches…end up crashed into a truck behind us. And the car took off …hit and run. We called 911 and waited at the accident scene with Social Distancing. Then the hit and run car returned; the wife was trying to apologize and (I don’t blame) the couple with the truck were yelling at her. She also got hurt from the hit… Later on I felt bad for her because anybody can get into an Accident. So I approached and asked: is she ok? And offer her a bottle of water. Then she told me not to come close, she & her husband just came back from a vacation. After the airport: they were supposed to quarantine for 14 days. From the policeman I found out that the husband fell asleep while driving. WE ALL HEARD THE CALL FOR SOCIAL DISTANCING, RIGHT? PERHAPS IT WASN’T LOUD ENOUGH FOR THESE iDIOTS, DON’T FORGET THEIR FACES. CHECK THEM OUT AT:

    They all should get a big fine for breaking Social Distancing Bylaw

  8. Running as fast as I can away from both wemon abusive and wemon who have been abused in spite of feeling a bit arrogant self preservation is still as valuable as I can invest in my life and what ever environments I might at any one time be aware of… Not so much abstracted is how I might believe in those given and or elected to govern our beautiful communities both at this point and date 2020 and our future environmental challenges. When a woman has been so intentionally abused that she has and will only choose to repeat and or demand we all fodill the roll she now believes is her own pride and addentity as the abused conceanse and or rotten to the core… no matter her real levels of authority our communities are vulnerable to her political and socially engineered personal beliefs, practices and the flailing about as the one who now propagates her victim standards while pretencing to govern our mostly loving communities but practicing the bipolar damage controlling she merely propagates what environment she herself has become accustomed to believing and now expects her lover and communities compile with or merely painted with the plethora of fake charges the profiteers can leverage our good will right out from under our faith in government. Lobby gangs which syndicate in and around the extremely biased civil laws merely back the deceased soap box standards of such as in this case, will be at their height of confidence when we also choose to live in fear, debit and hostage authoritarian instead of full disclosure for all of our best health happiness and future generations prosperity. Though it is a man who using youtube's soap box disclosing some informations, the feminist fear tactile holds all of us hostages while government practises back office prophiling no in high tech Covid-19 Just be aware God loves you YVO

  9. ford tell your staff to stay 6 feet from each other at all times then come and tell me that none you know how long it will take and you only tell us to stay to keep the civil unrest in check

  10. We should be reporting the 2 people on the right to the authorities for not "social distancing" The same way want us to start report and rating out our family and friends for not complying with the new "rules"

  11. Because still bringing people from Iran. And you guys scarified everyone for your dumb knowledge. Just keep bring those third world country here no more lives because of them

  12. Yeah? Does anyone know anyone with this virus? Anybody? Not trolls or shills who post online, real people. Know anyone who's sick? I think the first person in Canada with it was the PM's wife, right? Nothing to see here, we aren't even in virus season. This is not so much a campaign of fear, but of panic, and it's worked. A real pandemic and the military would have shut everything down. This TV presentation is being brought to you by the same folks who brought the Swine Flu pandemic that didn't happen, as well as other great media created disasters. Get out and and live your lives and stop letting the media dictate false terms that will have most of you giving up your way of life and freedoms to keep "everyone safe"….. meanwhile, EVERY year thousands die of pneumonia and influenza, 100,000 in North America EVERY YEAR. Where is the pandemic??? Not with the corona virus…… hmm, how to cure the "CORONA" virus….. grab the infected gently by the neck, and place a lime wedge about halfway down their throat…. There ya go. Corona is good now.

    Oh, and Doug Ford?? Wasn't he smoking crack with his late brother? Late night visits to criminals in jail with bro too?? Dad was a politician too, eh? go doug go…… What a blowhard idiot. You can't trust the breath that comes out of his mouth let alone the words.

    The ability to not be able to think that most people resort to really bothers me, some folks need the TV so they can know what to do with their lives, and to have something to talk about. Otherwise they'd be lost………

  13. 👍A politician who remembers he's an elective servant to the people, and sharing information/ freedom of information is essential to democracy, AND who resists the use of authoritarian/centralized approaches & censorship.

  14. I love it when the media never question the validity of communist China’s propaganda ministry when they release so called media information ,. Hahahahaha and worst give this black face phoney imbecile of a prime minister a free pass on every despicable idiotic behaviour this do nothing socialite has done and continues to do you . And when you news reporters retire none of you will retire as a journalist but as a bought and payed for liberal shill .


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