You’re not gonna believe what happened 6 weeks after you laid an egg in the ground !


Our gardens, balconies and glass fronts are starting to feast with the colors and smells of spring. In order to make our gardens look beautiful, shopping is made from greenhouses again. Meanwhile lots of money going to the garden material. However, you can feed your plants by using your kitchen scraps or using the blessings of nature. Here are a few simple but old fertilizer methods.


Those who grow fruits, vegetables and flowers in their garden or flower pots know the difficulty of increasing the yield of plants. Generally, various pesticides and various chemicals are used to increase the yield of plants. But with an egg, you will now get multiple yields from the vegetables and fruits that you grow. In addition, all you need to do is sow eggs without cooking on the soil that you will use when planting the plants. The calcium and various minerals contained in the egg shells provide a large amount of minerals to the soil. Thanks to the raw eggs you will leave at the bottom of the soil, your soil will be a mineral resource, preventing the roots of the plants you planted from rotting, and will increase the productivity of the vegetables and fruits you planted. First, you must choose the soil in which you will plant your plant.Later in the soil, put your raw egg, sprinkle top of the soil. As your eggs begin to rot, your soil will become a mineral reservoir. Doing this process from spoiled eggs will give better results. This method, applied by professionals, was then applied by people who grow vegetables, fruits and flowers in their gardens. And it is said that very good results have been achieved. Professionals are also experimenting with banana peels. If you want, you can try it the same way. After trying, all you need to do is monitor the yield of your plants.

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